Bespoke Items

Bespoke Gifts, Silhouettes and Sizes

Here at Atlas & I we have an in-house design team here in the UK ready to work with you to create your perfect piece. We offer a bespoke silhouette service, turning images or descriptions into meaningful silhouettes to sit infront of a map of your choosing. Our bespoke silhouettes are perfect for wedding gifts or surprising that special someone. 

We also offer bespoke sizes for our best selling personalised splashbacks! Not only do we offer bespoke sizes, but we also offer cut outs for sockets and a full templating and installation service.

Finally, if you're looking for something which doesn't appear on our site, please get in touch as we may be able to help. In the past, we've created everything from personalised map armchairs to linings of waistcoats!

Bespoke Silhouettes

We have a variety of different silhouettes available in our range, if you cannot find what you are looking for, we can create a bespoke silhouette based on a photo or description.

Option 1 – Send us a photo

We can take your photo and turn it into a silhouette creating a truly unique personalised map print for you.

Please send over your photo to [email protected] along with any other relevant information and our design team will get to work! 

If you would like some advice for ensuring you have the perfect picture, please get in touch. 

Option 2 – Give us a description

Please be as detailed as possible with your descriptions, and send them to [email protected]. For example: 

  • Mother – Shoulder length hair, 5ft 6”, slim build.
  • Father – Short curly hair, 6ft 2”, Rugby player build.
  • Son – 4 yrs old, height - he comes up to his fathers hip.
  • Daughter – 5 yrs old, long hair, normally wears a dress, height - she comes up to her mothers elbow.
  • Dog 1 – Labrador
  • Dog 2 – Cocker spaniel

This would allow us to create: 


Bespoke Splasbacks

We have created hundreds of splashbacks of all shapes and sizes! For a bespoke quote, please get in touch through [email protected] with the dimensions you require, and we'll be in touch within 24 hours with a quote. Please let us know if you require cut outs or curves in your splashback. 

If you're unsure what's best for you, send over a photo of the space you're looking to fill and we would love to help create something special. 

Personalised Bathroom Splashback Personalised Bathroom Splashback