Bespoke House or Church Silhouette Design

Our bespoke silhouettes are a unique and sentimental way of celebrating a special church or a cherished home. To start the order process we need you to browse the map options, choose your frame and size and confirm your order. Please visit the product page and click "customise & add to cart" and then follow the steps below to do this. We are unable to send you a proof before you place your order because of the time it takes to create the artwork. We offer a number of proofs once your order has been placed, so don't worry, we won't go ahead until you are 100% happy with your print.

Once you have completed the order process you will receive an order confirmation email with your order number on it. Now we need you to send us the image to work from. 

  • To create a great silhouette, we need a good photograph, ensure the image is taken at a good distance and includes the whole building.
  • ‚ÄčEnsure the image is crisp and not blurry, we can’t use screenshots or photos of a photograph.
  • The image needs to be high resolution, ideally 2 MB or bigger. This will create a better silhouette once completed.
  • If you are unable to take an image of the church or house, we may be able to find one online, but this may be subject to additional costs.
  • Images that include cars and vehicles which obstruct the building are hard to edit out, photos with little to no obstruction of the building are preferable.

How to send your image

Once you have the image you wish to use for the silhouette, it needs to be emailed to our design team. Follow the simple steps below to send us your image to retain the highest quality. 

Please note, if you are sending your photo from a smart phone, the original photo must have been taken on that device. A photo sent to your phone via text message or WhatsApp will have automatically been reduced in size and will not work.

From a digital camera


Step 1
Once the image is on your camera, upload your photo from the memory card onto your computer.

Step 2
From your computer, please attach the image to an email and email it to Make sure you pop your Atlas & I order number (beginning in ATL) into the subject line.

Step 3
If you are prompted to choose what size you would like to send the image, please send it at the largest size possible.

How it works

Once we have a digital copy of the image, we can start to design your bespoke silhouette. Depending on the quality of the image, the subject of the silhouette and the style best suited to the subject, our design team will create your silhouette based on what we think looks best. If you have any requests, please state these before we start the design work. Once the first proof has been created, we will send you a watermarked image of your design. If you would like us to make any small changes, please list these clearly. Small changes are classed as moving the map or changing the scale, enlarging or shrinking the silhouette design or making certain areas clearer or more defined. We will not be able to alter the original image or change the angle of the image and if this is required a further design fee will be charged. After making up to three changes we will ask for a small charge per alteration thereafter, this charge is at the discretion of the designer based on how much time it will take to alter the silhouette. Please see our terms & conditions to see what constitutes a valid "change" per proof. 

Artwork Sizes & Prices

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