Bespoke Silhouette Design

We have a variety of different silhouettes available in our range, if you cannot find what you are looking for we can create a bespoke silhouette based on a photo or description you give us. There are two ways in which bespoke silhouettes can be created which are explained below.

Creating a silhouette from a description.

You may want us to create a silhouette of a person, family or dog but are unable to get a good photo we can use. If you provide us with an accurate description of what you would like to portray we can create a design using a combination of our pre-designed silhouettes.

Customer example

Sarah would like to give her best friend Jane a silhouette print of her family and dogs but doesn’t want to spoil the surprise by asking her for lots of photos. We asked Sarah to describe the family so that we could find suitable images in our database and put together the silhouette below.

Sarah’s Description

  • Mother – Shoulder length hair, 5ft 6”, slim build.
  • Father – Short curly hair, 6ft 2”, Rugby player build.
  • Son – 4 yrs old, height - he comes up to his fathers hip.
  • Daughter – 5 yrs old, long hair, normally wears a dress, height - she comes up to her mothers elbow.
  • Dog 1 – Labrador
  • Dog 2 – Cocker spaniel

The silhouette we created is shown below.
We were then able to print this silhouette over the relevant antique map chosen.

Please give as much detail as possible. Once we have received your description we are happy to send you up to three proofs of the artwork so you can ask us to make small changes it if we don’t get it right first time. After making up to three changes we will ask for a small charge per alteration thereafter, this charge is at the discretion of the designer based on how much time it will take to alter the silhouette. Please see our terms & conditions to see what consititutes a valid "change" per proof. Please note the deisgn fee included in the cost is for up to 5 figures and 2 dogs in a family silhouette, should there be more figures included there may be an additional cost. 

The cost for this bespoke design is built into the price of our Bespoke Family Silhouette print. Please see the various different size and frame options listed at the bottom of the page.

Creating a silhouette from a photo.

We are able to create a bespoke silhouette from a photo. Working from a high quality photo will enable us to produce the best silhouette we can. We advise not to send us a photo downloaded from social media as the quality is very poor.

Taking your photo. 

Please follow the instructions below of how to take the best photo for optimum results. 

How to send us your photo.

From your phone

If you are sending us your photo from a smart phone the original photo must have been taken on that phone. A photo sent to your phone via text message will have been automatically reduced in size and will not work. Please go into the photo area of your phone and select the photo you would like to send us and click on the button that will allow you to email us that photo. Please email the image to and put your name along with your order number in the subject line. When you click “send” it might ask you what size you would like to send the image, please select the largest size or “actual size” if prompted to do so.

From a digital camera

Please upload your photo from the memory card onto your computer. From your computer, please attach the image to an email and send it to along with your name and order number in the subject line. If you are prompted to choose what size you would like to send the image, please send it at the largest size possible.

Snail mail

We are able to use original photographs to create your silhouette. Please send your hardcopy photo to Atlas & I, 340a Garratt Lane, London, SW18 4EL. We will then scan the photos and use them to design your silhouette. We will return the original photographs when we send your final product. Please note, no responsibility is taken for any loss or damage of the original image whilst in our possession.


How it works

Once we have a digital copy of the image we can start to design your bespoke silhouette. Depending on the quality of the image, the subject of the silhouette and the style best suited to the subject, our design team will create your silhouette based on what we think looks best. If you have any requests please state these before we start the design work. Once the first proof has been created we will send you a watermarked image of your design. If you would like us to make any small changes, please list these clearly. Small changes are classed as moving the map or changing the scale, enlarging or shrinking the silhouette design or making small changes such as changing peoples hair or height. For bespoke building silhouettes we are able to make certain areas clearer or more defined. We will not be able to alter the original image or change the angle of the image and if this is required a further design fee will be charged. After making up to three changes we will ask for a small charge per alteration thereafter, this charge is at the discretion of the designer based on how much time it will take to alter the silhouette. Please see our terms & conditions to see what constitutes a valid "change" per proof. 

To show you how we design a silhouette from a photo please see below.

Artwork sizes

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