We’re feeling the love in the Atlas & I studio and have been scouring our maps to find the loveliest place names across the United Kingdom. With love in the air we’ve compiled our favourite romantic parks, islands and villages across England, Wales and Scotland.

If you fancy a stroll this Valentine’s Day, why not head to North London’s very own Valentine’s Park in Illford. Valentine’s Park surrounds Valentines Mansions and features a kitchen garden, a rose garden and a sculpted canal. The perfect location for a romantic wonder.

You’ll have to head to Carmarthenshire in southwest Wales to find Red Roses this Valentine’s Day, Red Roses is a small village around 5 miles from the beautiful, sandy Telpyn Beach which is almost as romantic as red roses themselves.

If you’re looking for a sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, you’ll have to pop to the historic market town of Dumfries, Scotland, Dumfries is home to the spectacular ruins of a former monastery, known as Sweetheart Abbey which was built in 1273.

Moving up to Northern Scotland and the west coast of Ross and Cromarty where the small Isle of Ewe is situated which is a small island in the middle of Loch Ewe. You may need to say it out loud to fully appreciate the romance of the name.

Over 600 miles south from Isle of Ewe is an equally small ancd sentimental placename, Whiltshire is home to a small village appropriately named Lover, a beautiful British village surrounded by green fields and a romantic name to match.