A Fine English Story


Digby Fine English, owned by Trevor Clough and Jason Humphries, is reshaping the way English sparkling wine is recognised and is cementing its place alongside champagne and the major players on the sparkling wine shelf. Launched in 2013 Digby Fine English has already made a substantial footprint on the wine industry, winning multiple awards and stocking in countries all over the world, from New York to Hong Kong. Although they’ve quickly become popular internationally, Digby is a true celebration of Britishness, a superlative, elegant, spirited expression of Englishness right down to the name itself, which is an ode to Sir Kenelm Digby, a diplomat and philosopher. Sir Digby epitomised the 17thcentury English spirit of creativity – he was a patron of the arts and pirate who adored cooking, science and conversation. His most enduring contribution was the invention of the modern wine bottle in the 1630’s to overcome the vagaries of shipping wine in barrels, Digby is perhaps the perfect namesake for an English sparkling wine company.

Digby Fine English is the first pure winemaker in England, benefitting from the chalky soil of Southern England and long, cool growing seasons which together results in a vivaciousness that fine sparkling wine needs to age it to perfection, resulting in a crisp and well balanced sparkling wine. Digby believe the starting point for world-class fizz is working with proven, best-in-class vineyards. Once their growers of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier have harvested the grapes, winemaking supremo Dermot Sugrue then coaxes out the unique character of each parcel of fruit, ensuring the best end result which can currently be found in Michelin star restaurants around the world.

Digby is made using traditional winemaking methods whereby fermented base wines are blended in the bottle with additional yeast for a second fermentation step which, over several years, yields complexity and bubbles. The disgorgement process then removes this yeast before the wines are left to rest on their corks for additional time before being ready for sale. The combination of loving and meticulous growers, traditional winemaking methods and the right soil and climate, means Digby is rapidly becoming celebrated worldwide. Their 2009 Vintage Reserve Brut was declared to be the best English sparkling wine at the 2014 Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships. Similarly, the 2010 Vintage Reserve Brut outshone Krug and Dom Perignon at the Judgement of London. 

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