Behind the scenes of our latest vintage map splashback installation

Have you ever looked at your kitchen or downstairs loo and thought ‘Hmmm, I need some pizzazz.’ Or even ‘Hmmm, I wish I had something interesting to look at whilst washing my hands for twenty seconds.’

The answer is simple: a fun, elegant and personal splashback. 

Truth be told, maps are endlessly fascinating, especially if they are of an area that you know or recognise. Add a level of antique into the picture and the map becomes a heady mix of intrigue. We all spend a lot of time cooking up a storm in the kitchen, so having a compelling, attractive and classy splashback can really brighten these everyday moments.

They are durable, wipeable and heatproof, and are manufactured in England.


You’ve seen our splashbacks in our catalogue, on our website, in real life or stealing the show over Zoom. You’ve made the (brilliant) decision to have one of your own. What happens next? There are six simple steps from (brilliant) decision to beautiful kitchen:

1. Call us up to have a chat and we’ll discuss all your options.

2. Send us a snap and some measurements of your kitchen or bathroom so that we can recommend the best maps and zoom level for your space. The resolution on our maps is fantastic (no fear of blurriness or pixilation) and we are able to alter the map colouring to compliment your room.

3. Once you’ve settled on your map, we’ll send over the proofs to ensure that you are 110% happy.

4. The image goes to our fantastic factory where the glass is cut to size, toughened and printed with your piece of personalised perfection. It then goes through quality control so that we can assure a 10 year quality guarantee. We use low iron 6mm toughened glass which has superb clarity and colour (so no green sheen).

5. Your splashback is packed into a made-to-size crate and delivered by courier to your door.

6. Installation, either simply done by yourself (or handiman of your choice) with the tube of silicon sealant provided, or you can choose our measure and fit service.

Voilà! You now have a unique kitchen or bathroom that all your friends desire, even over Zoom.


A few weeks ago, we worked on a special project in Leatherhead, where we made 7 separate panels for installation above the oven, the sink and the units in a beautiful dark blue kitchen.

Our client decided on the fabulous 1907 Ordnance Survey reproduction map, 6inch to the mile, which worked brilliantly with the dark colour scheme.

As you can see from these images, it looks absolutely stunning!

We can tell you that there is nothing more satisfying or heartwarming than seeing a client's dream slide perfectly into place, especially when the end result is this dreamy.

Here are a couple of snaps that show some of the installation process:

We hope you've enjoyed this little insight into our splashbacks and that it has given you a bit of interior design inspo (dark blue cabinets are gorgeous, right?!)

Give us a call if you've been inspired. Or if you are unsure and would just like to have a chat, our phonelines are always open.

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