How Collaborations Help Build Our Brand

Atlas & I have partnered with the wonderful Riverford Organic who create plentiful vegetable boxes using seasonal produce farmed by dedicated, organic farmers. Riverford delivers fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables once a week from your local veg team, each week offers a varying box of seasonal vegetables. We have chosen to partner with Riverford because we strongly believe in championing organic farmers, removing GM crops and harvesting quality products over high quantity vegetables which aren’t organic.

What do we look for when partnering with Brands?

It’s important that the companies we work with have the same values as us so before we get in touch we research their company ethics and products. What do they sell, is it something that our followers and customers would be interested in and how do they look after their customers? If we like the look of what we find we will make contact and see how we can work together.


How we decide to collaborate?

When we decide on a brand to work with, there are a few different avenues or routes that we begin to explore depending what works best for each company involved. The first is simply introducing a new brand to our customers with a social media inclusion like a promotion or competition. This normally involves giving away a product in return for engagement and a feature on their social feed or website. This way both companies introduce a new brand to their followers who provide a product or service they think their customers would be interested in. The second involves a slightly longer lead time where a duel branded product is developed to sell for a limited time frame. Our recent partnerships involving this kind of collaboration include Digby Fine English and The Leander Club where a number of products were created to be sold by either party online or in their store.

Feedback and outcomes

Evaluating if a collaboration or partnership has been successful is essential for our company’s growth and shapes our future brand affiliations. Success can be measured in a number of different ways and it’s not just about sales.  We measure success on how someone has engaged with our brand, meeting new customers that haven’t come across us before is the main aim of many collaborative campaigns but it’s how we can help that new customer with their gifting needs that is important to us. A brand relationship doesn’t start with a new follower or their first online purchase, it’s what comes afterwards that is important to us; What was the reaction when they gave the gift, how has the recipient used their gift and how we can help them remember future gifting occasions in the future?

Here are some of our favourite collaborations so far this year. With more in the pipeline make sure you sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out about new partnerships. If you are interested in a future collaboration with us please email me.