The Environmental Effort - How We're Embracing Sustainability

As we begin a fresh new year, our minds have turned from the rush of Christmas to sustainability and manufacturing in a way that is kind to the planet. Exploring the ways in which we can continue to create great products while also being environmentally conscious, striving to maintain the luxury aspect of Atlas & I products and marrying that to a more ethical way to operate.

As a business, one of the most important ways we try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible is by strictly keeping our production within the UK. We are very proud to support our wonderful UK production factories and to be a solely made in England company.

The benefit of manufacturing in the UK is we are able cut down on the airmiles which would be required if our products were produced abroad. When we do send items aboard, we ensure they are shipped or driven rather than flown. Our production houses also fulfil all orders which means they spend the shortest amount of time in transit, we really do try and keep the carbon footprint of each item we sell as low as we possibly can.

Another great benefit of keeping production at home is the strict disposal laws and regulations we have here in the UK. From prints to puzzles, all the recyclable materials leftover from production are responsibly disposed and sent to the relevant facilities.​

As a bespoke and personalised gifting company all our items are made to order, and we don’t hold any stock which would have to be discarded or destroyed if unsold. The only stock we hold in our London studio are our super smart greetings cards, and as of the end of January we are slowing eliminating of all cellophane plastic wrap which our cards are packaged in. Over time all our cards will be sent without any plastic component and plastic items needed to house address slips or important documents will be replaced with biodegrable transparent material which can naturally decompost if disposed of correctly.​

In addition to going plastic free with our greeting’s cards, the card the maps are printed on to is FSC certified, which means the card and paper envelope have been made with materials from well managed forests or recycled sources. Similarly, the cards are printed with mineral based toners which are eco-friendly and much better for the environment than regular ink.

We also make all our lovely leather items in our London studio, using naturally treated leather which is dyed using wood and fish oils and is chemical free. Once our leather is dyed, the water used is treated at an on-site facility to keep any waste to an absolute minimum. Once the leather reaches our studio, we try to use every inch and pass on any spare pieces to nearby artists to work the scraps into jewellery and accessories.

Every Atlas & I gift you receive will be sent in a recyclable box or bag and may contain bubble wrap if the item is fragile. All the bubble wrap used across our fulfilment factories is recyclable and can be disposed of alongside plastic bags at designated drop off points, bubble wrap should not be recycled with other general recycling goods.

While we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable and reduce the amount of plastic and waste we use, we have taken the first of many important steps in becoming an environmentally conscious company. Alongside our partner factories we are continuously striving to think about the planet and the ways in which we are impacting it, we pride ourselves on creating lifelong, heartfelt gifts and hope to continue to create them while being mindful and considerate of the needs of the environment.