Rediscover the lost art of writing

When did you last write a letter using a pen and writing paper? Are you one of the third of British people who, according to a recent survey, has not written anything by hand in the last 6 months? With the digital revolution has come a steep decline in writing by hand, and while technology has simplified our lives in many ways, we are losing the art of writing personal notes that bring to life the character of the author and recipient.

Most would agree that text makes no comparison to the intimacy of writing. A letter forces you to speak slowly; it takes effort and a great deal of thought. Each person’s hand is different, and the writing may change as the writer becomes more animated, charging each word with increased emotion. Writing with your own personalised stationary makes it even more special. Such letters can be kept and reread for years, reminding the reader of a blossoming relationship or a thank you note from a friend or loved one. Together, these form a map of all the special occasions in your life.

Start making your memories count with our Personalised Map Correspondence Cards or our Personalised Greetings cards which can be personalised with your own map in packs of 25.