Riverford Organic Collaboration

Atlas & I have partnered with the wonderful Riverford Organic who create plentiful vegetable boxes using seasonal produce farmed by dedicated, organic farmers. Riverford delivers fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables once a week from your local veg team, each week offers a varying box of seasonal vegetables. We have chosen to partner with Riverford because we strongly believe in championing organic farmers, removing GM crops and harvesting quality products over high quantity vegetables which aren’t organic.



The spring box of vegetables included in our competition are sourced from a selection of organic farmers across England and are free of the nasty chemicals used during non-organic, intensive farming. Riverford farmers never use intensive farming methods and their produce are free from fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides resulting in a box of healthy, natural vegetables. Riverford’s spring boxes comprise of organic vegetables from across England, sourced from the best organic farmers. 

Riverford’s spring boxes will include seasonal vegetables but may vary from week to week depending on which vegetables are available. The box included in our exciting collaboration will comprise of organic potatoes and carrots which are farmed by the Farley brothers, who are located in the rolling hills of Devon, their rich Devonshire soil makes for optimum potato and carrot growing. Spring is also the time of salad leaves and greenery, and each box is packed with anything from spinach to wild garlic, these bags of goodness are all farmed at the Riverford HQ which is also located in Devon. Another spring staple is onions, farmed organically in Bagthorpe, Nottinghamshire and cauliflower which is from the lovely Gordon and Cathy Case from Bigbury on Sea, Devon. It’s only a couple more weeks until England’s asparagus is ready to harvest, Riverford’s supply is farmed by Clive Martin in Fenlands and is by far the most delicious around. 



Supporting local farmers is essential in continuing the traditional methods of farming vegetables free of chemicals and growing produce, which is good for the environment, local wildlife and isn’t dangerous to consume in the long-term. Utilising Riverford’s delivery service means you are supporting local, organic farmers and can be sure you will receive quality vegetables each week, free from chemicals and artificial fertilisers. In addition to vegetables, Riverford also deliver fruit, dairy and meat ensuring free range eggs, free range and organic meat and delicious fruit free from anything nasty. 


To enter our competition with Riverford and win a Personalised Farming Print, Riverford cookbook and a fresh box of seasonal spring vegetables, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and like our Riverford competition post. The lucky winner will be announced on 14.04.19.