"Tennis has given me soul. "

 Martina Navratilova



With a studio right next to Wimbledon Park and a keen passion for sports of any kind, we absolutely love the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. We mourn the losses, bask in the glories (especially the Brits) and have strawberries and cream constantly at hand. When we were asked to create a bespoke window in honour of the event we jumped at the chance. We were so excited to be involved in the Wimbledon community and we had such a plethora of ideas brimming over, it was a no brainer


how  would we represent such a prestigious event and entertwine our love of maps and history with this opportunity?



What better way to represent the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis association than with a player mid serve. The epitome of the ultimate moment in tennis. We think the anticipation of a serve is the point in which everyone holds their breath, it is the beginning of an unforgettable moment for each and every player.

We went back to basics to create the figure, using collage to ensure each detail was as perfect as possible. Our player is created from Wimbledon Maps, etching the heritage of this amazing tournament upon his skin. Every part of our creation is made using historic printed maps. The areas of Wimbledon, so famed for this event are stained upon the window to reflect history, tradition and an unforgettable British Sporting event.

Our window represents the place, the time, the essence of the Wimbledon Championship. It combines the heritage of the area  with the current anticpation of the players as this year's Championship takes place. The silhouette echoes the scenes taking place just moments away. What better place to put this than in the great Estate Agents Jackson Stops in Wimbledon, offering such a wonderful variety of homes whether they be modern or as ancient as the area itself.


Please do go and check out our window to see tennis in a whole new light!