IF YOU’VE GOT a world traveller, geographile, map obsessive, or just someone who’s hard to shop for on your list this year, this roundup of gift ideas may be just what you need. With prices from £21 check out our map lovers gift guide below. 

Working from a photo or a description we can create a family portrait in silhouette printed over a vintage map of your home. Choose from maps as early as 1895 to 1960. Prices start from £120 for a small unframed print. 

This Personalised Shooting Silhouette can feature a gun in profile with his trusty companion by his side over a map of his favourite shoot location or estate. Prices start from £60 for a small unframed print.

Our Bespoke House Portrait makes a fantastic present, the silhouette is based on a photo provided by you which is translated into a silhouette and printed over a reproduction antique map of the area. Prices start from £120. 

Handmade in Great Britain, our personalised leather wine coolers are a wonderful addition to any drinks tray. Price £78.

A unique and aesthetic addition to brighten any kitchen or bathroom, our vintage map splashbacks add a special interior design flair. Prices start from £150.

However intimate your Christmas table this year, make it count with our personalised vintage map placemats and coasters. Prices from £12.

Our worktop savers can be used as a heatproof surface next to the oven or a chopping board or even to serve cheese, the possibilities are endless. Price £62.

The Landrover: the car synonymous with the British Countryside. Celebrate this beloved classic with a beautiful silhouette over a map of your favourite muddy fields to drive in. Prices start from £60.

For all the farmers out there, we have a selection of farming silhouettes - from tractors to combines - which can be placed over a vintage map of your farm or estate. Prices start from £60.

Celebrate your farmyard animals with a silhouette over a vintage map of your farm. We have silhouettes of cows, sheep, chickens, ducks or pigs (or all of them together!) Prices start from £60.

A brisk, muddy walk is the ultimate Christmas day activity and our walking silhouette can feature your dog's breed and show a vintage map of your favourite walks. Prices start from £60 for small unframed.

Father Christmas knows where everyone lives, right? So he'll know exactly which vintage map to choose to set over a box of matches (£18), a beautiful leather journal (from £40) or a leather hipflask (£52). 

A place to memorialise a honeymoon or holiday in print rather than on a screen. Our beautiful leather-bound photo albums can be personalised with a vintage map and the couple's names. Prices start from £70.

Were wedding or honeymoon plans curtailed this year? Show the couple you are thinking of them with this Vintage Map Heart print centred on a meaningful place and featuring their names and a special date. Prices start from £49.

Winter blues? Not when there are mountains around! Give those ski-lovers a gift featuring their favourite resorts. Prices start from £60 for small unframed.

In lieu of being able to visit loved ones, our Personalised Vintage Map Postcards can be printed with your home and feature your name and address, allowing the old time classic of pen and ink to return in style. Prices start from £85 for a box of 50.

Give your in-laws the gift of whiling away the long winter hours with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a map of their local area. Special, unique and a Christmas classic. Price £42.

Do your in-laws love a wintry walk? Our Personalised Leather Thermos' will keep their hot beverages steaming, even in the snow. Price £46.40.

Serve your drinks in style with our elegant Personalised Vintage Map Trays. A timeless, useful addition to any household and one that will be used for years. Prices from £78.