Walk Down Memory Lane with Dad

“My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”

Clarence Budington Kelland


Remember  the first time you rode a bicycle and he was by your side or when he held your hand as you walked into a new exciting phase of life. Each adventure of youth is entwined with the love and protection of your dad. He is always there to catch you when you fall even as youth ebbs away. What better way to celebrate him than with a product etched with a memory, a time, a place of unforgettable love and care.


Our hipflasks are perfect for all his future adventures. Who doesn’t remember their father sitting by the barbeque with a beer or having a sneaky night-time sip of whiskey? This lovely accompaniment to his travels will always remind him of home or of an adventure shared between the two of you.


At Atlas & I we all have memories of our father’s, whether it be in the small adventures down country allies, the rainy picnics on windswept beaches or the simple gestures of love we will never forget. As map lovers these memories can be pinpointed and kept, cherished like the very lines upon an ancient map. Our products help us to collect these memories in treasured items for further adventures.


Another perfect traveller’s gift is our thermos. Ideal for taking a warming cup of tea on the road. It would be perfect for your parent’s picnic trips on days yet to come. He has taken us on so many adventures in life, now is the time to cherish your dad and give him thoughtful gifts for his future travels.

Finally we think the most sentimental and perhaps the most precious of our chosen gifts would be the wraparound journal. Perfect for all those embarrassing jokes and anecdote’s, this journal can feature a memory that brings laughter or a moment that you will both never forget.