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Maps & Products
What does my map look like?
Clicking “pick a map” on the homepage will take you through to a search page.
Clicking “pick a map” on the homepage will take you through to a search page
Yes, we work tirelessly with our suppliers
How do I know what scale of map to choose for my product?
Where possible, we will advise the best scale to use for the size and shape of your product.
Why can't I zoom into my map anymore?
If you try and zoom in too much on one of our digital maps you the map may pop back out to the optimum zoom level.
Can I choose to have two locations shown on my product?
Depending on how far away the locations are from each other, you may be able to find a map that scaled such that you can see both places on one map.
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Bespoke Silhouettes
I would like a silhouette design based on a photo, how do I do this?
We offer a bespoke design service where our in-house design team can create silhouettes based on a photo you send to us.
I can’t find a photo of what I would like as a silhouette.
We can create a bespoke silhouette based on a description you provide.
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Ordering & Shipping
Can I change my order after I've placed it?
Once you have placed your order we are unable to change the map location or silhouette chosen.
Where is my order?
Because we make each and every product to order this may take a little time.
I want to cancel my order
Due to the bespoke nature of our products, once your order is placed we are unable to offer a 100% refund.
My order hasn't arrived
Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to get your order to you within our estimated time, sometimes items are delayed once they leave us.
My order arrived damaged
Regrettably, sometimes products arrive having been damaged in transit.
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