Recommend a Friend - Terms & Conditions

To reward our loyal customers we are running a Recommend A Friend pilot scheme. A selection of existing customers have been issued with a unique code to forward onto friends and family. When a new customer uses this code the referee will get £10 credit to use against an order with us. We have outlined a few terms & conditions for this offer below. 


Existing customer - the customer that was issued with the individual referral coupon to share with their friends and family.

Referral customer - a new customer that has applied the coupon to get 10% off and free shipping. The referral customer must not already be an existing customer. 

Referral coupon - a unique code issued to the existing customer to be used by referral customers. 

Terms of use

Under the Atlas & I Recommend a Friend Program, existing customers of Atlas & I are invited to refer new customers who can use a unique coupon to get 10% off their first order and free shipping. The coupon code that is issued to our existing customer must be used by the referred customer at checkout before £10 credit is claimed. If the referral customer does not use the code or forgets to use the code, £10 credit will not be awarded to the existing customer. 

Credits must be claimed by emailing to request a balance of account. Please provide us with the unique code you have given your friends so we are able to see how many have been used. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to get back to you.

Cash equivalent of credit is not available. Credit can only be applied to a non sale item and cannot be used in conjunction with any sale coupons or discounts.  

The Referral Coupon is not valid for use by an existing customer. 

The Referral Coupon is only valid for use on orders over £35.

By forwarding the Recommend a Friend email to third parties you are agreeing to these terms & conditions. Please note we are unable to see the personal details of any forwarded emails and will only obtain data from participating parties if the Referral Customer places an order and the Referral Coupon is used. 

Existing Customers may know other existing customers who would like to be involved in this scheme to gain credit for themselves. Please ask the person who would like to be involved to email to be issued with their unique referral coupon. Please note this is a pilot scheme in the testing stages so we regret that there may be a delay to adding more participants to this offer. 

Atlas & I has the right to suspend any of the referral coupons at any time if the conditions above are not met. The credit due to the existing customer will only be issued if all the above conditions are met.

This offer is valid until January 2020. 


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Registered business address: 340a Garratt Lane, London, SW18 4EL. 
Company number 08641831